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DOEP Registration

Please Read instructions and complete the following:

Attention: Please complete and submit the following forms at your earliest convenience. Once you have completed the registration form, then return to this page and complete the Pre-Test. Please use the password provided to access the pre-test exam. Once you have completed both the registration and the pretest, them use the Google Meet link to join the class on the day and exact time of the class as it was scheduled.  

Registration Form

Please complete and submit this form at your earliest connivenc. Failing to compete this form may result in not recieving any updates about the class. 

DOEP Pre-test 

This is a mandatory knowledge test. Please complete it at your earliest convenience. 

PASSWORD: atlas2020

Google Meet Link

Please use this link to join the class on the time and date that was assigned as a start date. You will not be able to join until the instructor has 

Please note: This is a virtual class and not online modules. You will be required to attend all 5 classes in order and no absences will be allowed. 

Group Session Payment 

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