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DWII -Driving While Intoxicated Intervention

32 Hour State Approved Course


Permitted Two Absence (Make up class $40.)

The dwi education is Online and required of individuals convicted of one or more DWI convictions. TDLR requires proof of completion for Texas state driver's license. The DWI Classes are comprised of Lifestyles Stress and Coping, Values and Self-Esteem, Positive Thinking, Irrational Beliefs, Asserting Control, Goal Setting Responsibility, Physiological and Psychological Effects of Drugs, Alcoholism and the Chemical Dependency Process, Alcohol and the Family, Co-dependency and Al-Anon, Treatment Options and 12-Step Self-Help Group, Thinking for Success, Peer Pressure and Relapse Prevention, Problem Solving and the creation of an Action Planning

Please Note:

Once the payment has been received, then an email will be sent with the registration form and joining link to the class will be provided. Please complete the registration form at your earliest convivence to ensure you receive all notices and important reminders. 

No refunds for any reason.


DWI Intervention Program
Starts on Sept. 2, 2024
Evening Class
Mondays  & Wednesday.


DWI Intervention Program
Starts on Aug 6, 2024
Evening Class
Tues. & Thurs


Please Note: Homework assignments and Session
Payments use the black button to access. 

Group Session Payment 

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